“By every account Charlotte was the epitome of a Holmes.” 

– Brittany Cavallaro

⭐️⭐️⭐️.75/5 Stars

In this spin-off retelling of the classic story of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, we follow two descendants of their names in present day, Charlotte Holmes and James Watson. James has never met Charlotte, the only Holmes his age, but he’s dreamed about teaming up with her and solving crimes since he was little. Now James is finally going to get his wish as he transfers to Sherringford, a prep school in Connecticut. But almost as soon as they meet, a body is found and the two are quickly framed for the crime. Watson and Holmes must team up again to solve the crime before they’re thrown in jail, or worse, the murderer’s next victims. 

I really enjoyed this one! This was a super quick read for me. I’m a huge fan of BBC Sherlock, so this was a super fun retelling! James and Charlotte are very similar to their Watson and Holmes counterparts, and I loved seeing them team up to solve this mystery! Even though it’s a YA, it doesn’t shy away from topics like rape and drug abuse, so just something to be aware of before going in. 

With that being said, I did have a few problems with it. First of all, I felt like James and Charlotte’s friendship happened too quickly for my liking. I’m also not sure about how I feel about the romantic relationship brewing between them. 

Overall, if you’re a fan of Sherlock or just looking for a cozy mystery, I highly recommend checking this one out!

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